As a fan of the written word, Fontzilla can't get enough information. He's collected numerous articles about the evolution of type and writing.

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The links below are articles written by Fontzilla's alter ego and are housed on her company's website.

DTP Glossary

The Rosetta Stone
Discovery of this ancient giant slab by Napoleonic soldiers led to unlocking the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The History of Writing
The development of alphabets and writing systems over the ages

The Printed Word, Part 1
A short history on printing and pre-press.

The Printed Word, Part 2
The more common printing processes.

Understanding Typefaces, Part 1
The basic letter forms and their uses.

Understanding Typefaces, Part 2
The evolution of typefaces.

Understanding Typefaces, Part 3
The various parts of letter forms.

Understanding Typefaces, Part 4
Typographical marks and their use.


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