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A site dedicated to font lovers. Fontzilla's primary goal, besides hoarding typefaces, is to educate those interested in all things type.

SchoolSchool's in Session Check out this page for links to various articles covering just about everything you wanted to know about the written word but were afraid to ask.

Font LinksFontographers Unite Here you'll find links to Fontzilla's favorite fontographers as well as font link sites. Some day Fontzilla hopes to make his own fonts.

Font ArtFont Art Also refered to as FontPlays, Fontzilla presents artwork using some of the many typefaces he's gathered over the years. The quotes come from numerous sources. (Please don't link to images!) Updated 5/28/16

Alter EgoFontzilla's Alter Ego When not scouring the Internet for more fonts, Fontzilla's alter ego is a mild, mannered desktop publisher. Learn more about her on this page. Updated 12/23/15