Fontzilla's tribute to Mother's Day...

Some of these are older FontPlays and I no longer have the original Photoshop files.
If I didn't specify the font, it's because I haven't had a chance to do a match to figure it out.
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I lost my mother just a couple of weeks after I turned 19. I wrote this poem several years later, and about a year after my daughter was born. I don't recall the source of the image — probably one of my many clip art packages — while the text is set in ShishoniBrush by American Greetings Corporation.

The photo came from I couldn't find one with ten kids! The main portion of the anonymous quote is set in Adobe's Birch Std while the word "Mother" is set in Chopin Script by Dieter Steffmann.

The photo also came from (it's a great resource!). The child's sad face and mother's embrace were perfect. I applied some artistic filters to give some texture. The Yiddish proverb is set in Adobe's Florens LP with a few letters in the alternate face.


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