Fontzilla's tribute to Keepsakes...

This is a poem I wrote during my junior year of high school. It's set in York Script ES by ES Typography, while the byline is set in Adobe's Minion. The photo is a still life I put together with many of my keepsakes.

In case you're interested, in the photo are:(clockwise, starting from the left) A photo of my dad's squadron in WWII surrounded by ribbons I wore to a huge "Rally for America" event in Clearwater, FL during the Iraq war. Behind it is a gold vase given to me by my wonderful mother-in-law. The "I Love You" balloon in it was given to me by my daughter, Jenn, for Mother's Day many years ago.

Next is a photo of my hubby, Paul, and I on a Valentine's Day cruise from several years ago. Behind it is a tri-gold necklace I received from Paul and Jenn when she was still a little girl. In front of the photo is a post-it love note Paul did for me. The little white box is a paper origami box Paul made. You can't see them in the photo very well, but to the right of that are several cards from flowers.

Behind the cards is the hospital bracelet I wore when Jenn was born. There's a photo of her at age three resting on the open lid, behind a pin announcing "It's a Girl" that was given to me at her birth. In front of that is a small silk rose Paul gave me many years ago.

To the right of Jenn's photo is my high school senior class photo on my 20th high school reunion badge. Resting on top of the lid is my high school mortar board with both tassels -- as an honor graduate I had to wear a gold one, but I also bought one with our school colors (red, black, and white) like regular students wore, so I'd have it as a keepsake. There's a pearl necklace draped on the other side that my father gave me. In front of my senior class photo is my mother's engagement ring. She gave it to me shortly before she died. To the right is my high school memory book filled with tons more keepsakes! In front of it is a photo of Jenn and Paul when she was about ten and they were playing a game on his computer.

In front of the box is a teacup and saucer that belonged to my great aunt. In front of it are a couple of shells found on the beach at our favorite vacation spot, the island of Sanibel. Peaking out of the box are ribbons from when I was a JV cheerleader in high school and a raffle ticket stub from one of Paul's SLUG meetings. The red glass rose was a gift from Jenn. To the left of it are her ballet slippers from when she was three years old. The wooden box itself I bought at a craft show back in the late 70s. It's normally home to many other keepsakes as well. The display case all this is sitting on holds my bear collection (I love polar bears particularly and have several in a variety of sizes.)

© 2002-16 Nancy J. Foster